Queenswood publish dedicated Free From Brochure

16th November 2016

This Autumn Queenswood Natural Foods have launched their ‘Guide To Free From Health Products’ which showcases products that are free from nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar along with products which are suitable for vegans and organic. This new brochure makes it considerably easier for customers to identify specific products demanded by their consumers.

*One in 133 people worldwide suffer with Coeliac disease and 65% of the human population have a reduced ability to digest lactose. So naturally, the demand for Free From products is on the rise covering a range of medical issues from gluten intolerance to nut allergies. Free From products are however no longer just consumed for medical issues as many people purchase products as part of a lifestyle choice, increasing the awareness for potential health benefits.

Customers are quite rightly demanding more choice and better quality and no longer are these Free From options associated with bland, tasteless products. There have been definite improvements in taste and nutritional quality as manufactures become more adventurous using enticing ingredients to produce excellent flavoursome options across many categories.

This showcase brochure is the first of its kind from Queenswood, providing a stress-free guide identifying useful consumer products. The Queenswood ‘Guide To Free From Health Products’ is available to view online via the mobile friendly Queenswood Website or contact Queenswood direct for a hard copy.

Nicki Stribley, Sales Director at Queenswood Natural Foods comments; “We are delighted to publish a brochure dedicated to the Free From market. This ever increasing sector of our industry means that we have focussed on the products we stock which are dedicated to those following free from diets. This brochure is the first of its kind from Queenswood and we are excited to be giving our customers a useful tool to easily identify specific products they are being asked for. “

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