Queenswood Get Ready For Organic September

04th August 2017

Organic September is a campaign organised by the Soil Association that raises people’s awareness and encourages them to swap out their non-organic food for organic options. Queenswood are gearing up for the campaign with a bumper edition of their promotion brochure and a hive of activity on their social media channels.

There are numerous benefits to making that swap to organic. Most commonly aware, consuming organic foods instead of conventional brands reduces the risk of being exposed to chemical pesticides which have adverse effects to animals and plants. Choosing organic also helps to protect wildlife. Natural habitats have been destroyed or threatened by intensive agriculture and organic farming practices have wildlife and preservation at the heart of what they do.

Queenswood are supporting the campaign by launching a bumper promotion brochure this September with loads of deals on organic products! These include Florentin’s Organic Mediterranean products like Falafel and Hummus, and Biona Organic Juices. We will also be supporting the campaign by tweeting every day in September with #OrganicSeptember showcasing an organic product or supplier to promote the consumption of organic produce instead of conventional brands. There will also be a chance to win some organic goodies as we run a number of online giveaways, such as organic nut butters from Meridian, raw organic chocolate from Conscious Chocolate, and herbal tea from Dragonfly Tea.

Nicki Stribley, Queenswood Sales Director, comments, “We are getting excited here at Queenswood as the nation gears up to promote organic. It’s great to see the organic movement grow every year and we are preparing for our biggest Organic September yet! Be sure to grab your copy of September’s edition of our promo brochure or visit our website for lots of organic news, competition and insights!”

There is a huge amount of resource available online to retailers who want to get involved in the campaign. Visit the Soil Association website ( to find out more and don’t forget to stay tuned to the Queenswood Twitter feed for further organic news and giveaways.

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