Queenswood Brochures Go ‘Naked’

31st May 2018

Following the media attention over recent months we have taken the opportunity to look deeper into our company processes and how we can reduce our single-use plastic waste. We are pleased to announce that we have removed all the packaging from the monthly brochures that we direct mail. Opting for this ‘naked’ packaging approach enables us to reduce a significant amount of plastic packaging that is thrown away every month.

Although the plastic we were using was recyclable the problem remains that large quantities of recyclable plastic still ends up in landfill, therefore we have taken a bigger step towards environmentally friendly practises and scrapped it all together!

Reducing single-use plastic is a challenge we feel the natural and organic industry will face in the next 12 months and we are always looking to find alternative sustainable but practical materials to replace plastic. The packaging on our pre-pack products for example is already 100% recyclable and unlike other brands, we do not print on the plastic however we are still pushing further and trialling several compostable alternatives.

To view a copy of the latest promotions brochure please visit the brochure page or contact a Queenswood rep for a hard copy.

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