New Year Detox Event

02nd January 2016

This is the time of year we dust off our scales and start to implement a new, healthier regime to our everyday lives. This is a great opportunity for us to adopt new advocates to our industry and boost sales.

The traditional January detoxing will be evident throughout the UK and our pre-packed Linseed is the perfect way to get customers to naturally add this to their routine. Another easy change your customers can make is what they drink throughout the day. We have a wide range of herbal and detoxing teas with a variety of health benefits which will suit your customer’s needs.

For those who are on a health mission, we have some delicious detox mixes from Inspiral and Optima Aloe Vera Juice to boost the immune system and cleanse the body of all the festive indulgence. The trend of homemade smoothies will also gain momentum in the New Year so why not give your customers some top tips and must have ingredients with our organic superfood powders and berries. Super in the name, they bring a long list of health benefits and adding them to a daily smoothie is an easy way to help detox the body.

Alongside eating habits, many people this time of the year will be looking at reviving their fitness regime and are looking forward to their summer holidays. Vital proteins are on promotion this January with 25% off. Protein is used to help muscle production and helps repair your body after a workout. The demand for protein based products are on the increase this year so stock up and tell your customers how it can assist their new fitness regime and help them turn unwanted fat into muscle.

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