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13th July 2017

Queenswood exclusively launches Qyuzu

Queenswood Natural Foods are pleased to exclusively launch QYuzu Tonic Water & Frozen Juice in next month’s promotion brochure. This Yuzu fruit is deemed to be the next superfood and will be hitting the UK shelves this summer.

This Japanese sour fruit has an aroma and flavour that makes it distinctive from any other citrus fruit. The flavour is similar to a lime or a grapefruit and has many application areas. From homemade condiments and marinades to refreshing cocktails & indulgent desserts!

This native Japanese fruit is slowly making its way across Europe. It’s currently popular among the Spanish health food industry and we are already seeing top UK chefs including this diverse product in their delicacies.

As well as its popularity as an ingredient Yuzu is a hit among the health food industry. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, possessing excellent antioxidant properties. Queenswood is now exclusively working with the exceptional QYuzu! Offering a sparkling tonic water from Spain that is elaborated with the exotic Yuzu juice. Its scent is intense, fresh and exulting. Queenswood have also launched a Cold Pressed Pure Yuzu Juice in a small format, it stands out for its quality and convenience of use. Sold frozen or the retailer can thaw giving a two week shelf life.

These two products are exclusively available from Queenswood Natural Foods from August, for further information check out the August promotion brochure or contact a Queenswood representative.

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