Love CBD’s Statement in Response to BBC’s “Trust Me I’m a Doctor”

28th January 2020

Below is a Statement from Love CBD in response to The BBC’s Documentary with regards to the THC limit.

We’d like to make a statement in response to the BBC’s “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” programme that aired this week.
The programme mentioned that Love CBD’s 1400mg Entourage Oil contained 20x the maximum level of THC. The limit they are referring to is not the UK legal limit of THC – it is the European Food Standards Agency’s recommended daily dosage of THC, which is 70 microgrammes.

We think it was unwise of the BBC to use this as the limit, a limit which no one in the CBD industry uses and which served only to confuse the viewers.

The EFSA guideline has no basis in UK law and we do not
understand why the BBC chose to emphasise this as the THC limit.

Love CBD products are always below 0.05% THC. Below 0.05% a
substance is considered a “contaminant” rather than an ingredient. In
the same way, the UK alcohol industry sells “alcohol-free” beer with
alcohol below 0.05%. This value is based on advice from our lawyers and trade association.

We’d also like to address the quality of the testing undertaken by the
BBC and compare it to the testing we do on our products. The same batch of 1400mg Entourage Oil which was tested by the BBC was also sent away by us to be tested by a third party, accredited testing facility.

The analysis conducted by our lab showed a THC content for the same batch of 1400mg Entourage oil to be 0.017% THC and which is inline with what we would expect.

We contacted the BBC requesting their lab analysis of our product,  the methods of the lab analysis undertaken and the accreditation held by the lab to validate their data. We have still not seen their lab data and they did not supply us with information about the accreditation of their lab, which is based in a university in Prague.

We have had over 100 lab tests conducted on our Entourage products alone in the last year. None of them even vaguely resemble this BBC test. We also test the raw ingredients which go into our products and our suppliers also provide us with lab results that they have undertaken.

Because our products undergo multiple stages of lab analysis, we can be far more confident with the accuracy of the cannabinoid contents within our products.

If you are in any doubt about our own lab test results we urge you to
contact the labs directly, which will allow them to confirm they are
indeed legitimate.

When we look at those 100+ lab results, along with the consistent,
ultra low THC extracts we use from reliable suppliers, the BBC’s
one-off lab result is the outlier. Being from a much less credible
source, as well as being only a single test makes us question the credibility of their results and of their programme as a whole.

The show even mentioned that due to a lack of standardised methods
for testing cannabinoids there is discrepancies between different labs.
Therefore for them to publicly name companies whilst the validity of their data is questionable, we feel is very misguided.

Our products are full spectrum and by definition contain traces of THC. However, We have always been open and transparent about this as it is on all of our lab reports which can be found here:

The Love CBD team

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