Kefir – The trending fermented drink…

17th November 2017

The production of Kefir for its natural health benefits has been around for centuries and is traditionally made using cows, goats or sheep milk mixed with the ancient kefir grain. The process of natural fermentation gives the product a light and fizzy texture along with added benefits of naturally good bacteria. The kefir grain can also be mixed with water to create dairy free variants.

So why are people going crazy for Kefir? Well, it’s all about keeping your gut happy and consumers are appreciating the significance of good bacteria within the body. Keeping a healthy balance of good bacteria helps to build the immune system, combat diseases in the body and help the intestine to do its job efficiently. The intestinal tract is the largest organ in the immune system and is home to over 400 species of bacteria, it is therefore very important to keep the levels of good and bad bacteria in balance.

The market for fermented products is opening up with product innovation the busiest we have seen in this sector. Queenswood have a great range of kefir products from a number of suppliers including Pure Earth, Bio-tiful Dairy and Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus has just launched a UK first within the fermented drinks market. A vegan mojito flavoured kefir is made using artesian water, all natural ingredients and has a refreshing light and fizzy taste. This vegan friendly product is perfect for those who are looking for all the benefits of kefir which are normally limited to dairy products.

Modern day life is hectic and the trend for clean eating means that demand for instant, on-the-go solutions such as Kefir is on the increase. Along with the water based Kefir, Mount Olympus also have a Greek goats milk and new lemon Goats milk variant. For further details on Mount Olympus and other Kefir products in our range, view our main product brochure here.

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